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Testimonial: Loucas' Rosie+ Story

Rosie was like an extended family for Loucas when his daughter, Angela, had to go overseas when he was due for heart surgery.

Loucas was living in his own home but had lost some mobility after a stroke. He had a few other health concerns and was on the waiting list for heart surgery. Angela was quite distressed about the thought of leaving her dad alone while she went overseas. That’s when she signed him up for Rosie+.

It changed the whole situation for the better. Each day, the Rosie assistants called Loucas for a friendly chat that brightened his day and made him feel cared for. During the chat, the Rosie team would also ask questions about how he was feeling, enabling them to monitor his medical situation and his personal welfare. Then the Rosie assistant would update Angela on how her dad was faring.

Loucas recovering with rosie+ assistance

‘It gave me great peace of mind to know that Dad was cared for when I was away,’ says Angela. ‘The Rosie team treated him like one of their own and built a strong rapport with him through daily wellness checks and friendly conversation. He even began teaching one of his Rosie assistants Greek!’

Loucas had to undergo serious heart surgery while Angela was still overseas. It could have been an anxious, lonely time for him and a terrible, guilt-inducing predicament for her. But it wasn’t, thanks to Rosie+.

The Rosie assistants were there to support Loucas and they made sure he had everything he needed during his recovery. Angela felt reassured by the knowledge that her dad had access to a 24/7 personal assistant any time of day or night. She also knew that those daily check-ins reminded him he was loved and cared for.

Rosie+ provided practical, professional support and assistance that felt like nurturing care from a loving, extended family. It made a world of difference to Loucas and Angela and it could make a world of difference to your family too.

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