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Rosie Assistant

What is Rosie

Rosie is a personal 24/7 emergency service, suitable for the elderly, those with medical conditions or disabilities, or anyone who might require emergency assistance.

Rosie provides you and your family peace of mind, knowing that help is just a button press away.


How does it work

When a Rosie button is pressed, you are immediately connected to the Vitalcare emergency network. A Rosie assistant will speak to you and provide immediate connection to emergency services if required.

senior couple contact rosie via device options

Rosie Care provides the essential personal emergency response services (PERS). When connected to the Rosie network, the trained assistant talks through a triage process and determines the support requirement. Immediate connection to emergency services is provided if required.

Rosie Care is available for those living at home, in the community, within retirements centres or at aged care villages.

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Where does Rosie work?

Rosie devices work in the home, or when you are out and about, providing independence and peace of mind for you and your family — knowing help is only a button press away.

What if it’s not an emergency?

Not every call is an emergency, so Rosie provides a range of services that cover both emergency response and general support. 

Do I need special equipment?

Rosie can be operated with a number of convenient devices supplied by Vitalcare. Typically, this is a pendant that is worn around the neck.

Rosie Personal Emergency Response pendant
vitalcare key safe for Rosie

Rosie is also available through aged care villages across Australia and institutions using the Vitalcare nurse call systems.

A key safe is required so emergency services can access your home in the event of an emergency. This safe is fixed to the outside of your home and accessed with a pin number.

Do I have to replace batteries?

No, Rosie has an internal rechargeable battery. The Rosie pendant fits into a charging cradle beside the bed at night.

Have another question about Rosie?

We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about Rosie and how we help you live independently every day.

What does Rosie cost?

The Rosie pendant is available as a rental, meaning you have the flexibility and low-cost option to use your Rosie pendant for as long, or as short, as you’d like.

The Rosie Personal Emergency Response Service costs:

  • $159 to get set up with your own Rosie mobile pendant 
  • A monthly fee of $39 that includes renting the Rosie mobile pendant and a monitoring fee (including the SIM).
  • You will also receive the first month of service free and a complimentary key safe (to provide access for emergency services)

What equipment does Rosie need?

Rosie comes with a mobile pendant, which you can wear during the day and charge by your bed at night. We also install a key safe with a secure pin so that emergency services can get into the house to help if needed.

Rosie is also available through aged care villages across Australia and institutions using the Vitalcare nurse call systems.

Who will I be talking to when I call Rosie?

When you press the emergency button on the Rosie mobile pendant, you’re automatically connected to the Vitalcare monitored network. Rosie’s trained assistants are all based in Australia.

They’ll ask what’s happened and organise the support needed, which can include calling emergency services if necessary.

Where does the Rosie pendant work?

Anywhere in Australia as long as you’re wearing the pendant. Rosie will work whether you’re at home or out and about.

I live in a retirement village. Can I use Rosie?

Yes. Rosie is also available through aged care villages across Australia and institutions using the Vitalcare nurse call systems.

Do I have to replace the batteries?

No. That’s often a fiddly task that some older people find difficult, for example, if they have arthritis in their fingers.

Rosie pendants have an internal rechargeable battery, just like your phone.

It fits into a charging cradle by the bed at night, meaning it’s always on hand.

Who created Rosie?

Rosie was designed and created by Vitalcare, an Australian owned and operated business dedicated to making life easier and safer for vulnerable people. We’ve become one of the most trusted names in nurse call technology over the last 30 years.

Is Vitalcare a Registered NDIS Provider?

Yes, if the NDIS Plan includes funding for assistive technology such as a personal emergency response alarm. Each NDIS Plan is different, since it’s built around individual needs. NDIS funding is for the supports and services identified in a person’s NDIS Plan.

If you think you would benefit from Rosie, you need to mention this at your NDIS Planning Meeting when you’re developing your plan. NDIS Plans are reviewed each year, so, if your current Plan doesn’t include funding for Rosie, you can always plan to include it next year. 

What are the Terms and Conditions?

There is no lock-in contract or minimum service period for Rosie services. Costs are pro-rata for periods of use. All prices include GST.

Full terms and conditions available Rosie+ Terms and Conditions.

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