Rosie @ Home

Our Rosie Dialler is an essential healthcare solution designed to provide seamless access to professional medical support. Ideal for individuals living independently or in care, our dialler brings reliable, professional healthcare to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Chiptech Rosie Dialler

Why Choose Rosie @ Home?

Rosie @ Home provides peace of mind for older residents, individuals with disabilities, and those living alone, ensuring help is always available.


Press Device Button
  • Press the button on your wearable device or the unit itself to trigger the Rosie @ Home Dialler!


Activates Alarms
  • This activates your Dialler, that instantly connects to the Rosie call centre, staffed with trained professional 24/7.


Dials Call Centre
  • Rosie’s emergency team, assesses the situation and dispatched help promptly, ensuring peace of mind for you or your loved ones.

Fall Detection

Fall Detection is also provided that automatically activates an emergency call. Our wearable devices detects the impact of a fall and our trained operators contact you right away to make sure you’re ok. 

Vitalcare home products are the most advanced available. They support multiple communication paths including 4G mobile, Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Options include internal and external aerials and future enhancements such as voice calling and health sensor monitoring.

Choose a Rosie @ Home Dialler Plan:



  • Only $39 a month
  • One-off purchase of $499
  • installation fee of $149
  • No contract
  • No minimum period (first month excluded)
  • Includes standard neck pendant.
  • Fall detection devices also available for additional cost



  • Only $89 a month plus
  • One-off installation fee of $149
  • Minimum 12-month agreement
  • Includes standard neck pendant.
  • Fall detection devices also available for additional cost
  • 12-month Rosie Package – $999 (includes dialler and 12 months service)
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