Fall Detection

Fall detection uses in-built sensors to detect significant changes in motion.

When the wearer falls, the device detects the signifcant change in motion, and indicates to the user that a fall has been detected and the alarm will be sent through to the Rosie monitoring team. Once the alarm goes through, the Rosie team will talk to you through your device and assist you. If it is a false activation, simply tell us and we will close the alarm off.

It is important to note, that your device may not detect falls in all situations. Controlled descents such as falls against a wall, chair, sliding out of a chair or rolling onto the floor may not activate the fall detection feature. In this circumstance, the pendant/watch can be activated by pressing the help button.

If your device is too sensitive and creating false activations, please call our team and we will adjust this for you.

For more information, please call our team on 1800 476 743.