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What does Rosie cost?

Fees and Charges

The rental prices for the Rosie+ mobile pendant include both the Rosie + Personal Concierge and Personal Emergency Response System.

All services offered for each system are included in the price and monthly rental fee, much like any monthly mobile service.

  • Pendant Rental
  • Establishment Fee (inc SIM) $159
  • Mobile Pendant
    4G Mobile Pendant $0

  • Total Establishment Fees $159
  • Total Monthly Fees $99

Other accessory costs are listed below:

  • Accessories
  • Key Safe (Required for Emergency services) $49
  • Key Safe and Installation $150

Terms and Conditions

There is no lock-in contract or minimum service period for Rosie services. Costs are pro-rata for periods of use. All prices include GST.

Full terms and conditions available Rosie Terms and Conditions.


Rosie fees and charges are payable monthly in advance and can be paid by direct payment or credit card. Monthly Fees are paid 1 month in advance and your first month with be charged with the establishment fee.