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Frequently Asked Questions

rosie personal response alarm

Enjoy your independence with Rosie+, your personal emergency response & concierge service

Rosie+ is the latest wearable technology to make your life easier.

Helping you remain independent, safe and in control, Rosie+ is where personal emergency response and concierge service meet.

Rosie+ is your virtual assistant connecting you to a real person that can help you with:

  • Medication reminders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Emergency support such as fall detection, nursing or emergency calls
  • Directory assistance to connect you to your family or friends 


Rosie Personal Emergency Response pendant

What is Rosie+?

Your personal concierge

Rosie Assistant

Your personal emergency response service

Rosie+ is the all-in-one, 24/7 personal concierge and emergency response service, for the ultimate independence while you enjoy your golden years.

Rosie+ Personal Concierge

There are plenty of emergency alarms available for seniors, even voice activated devices like Google Home. But Rosie+ is different. 

Rosie+ will remind you of your medical appointments, daily medication schedule or plan and remind you of your social engagements. And on your quiet days, Rosie+ is there to call you for a chat. With an in-built falls detector and 24/7 emergency response system, Rosie+ is there in the event of an emergency too.

Your independence is important and Rosie+ Personal Concierge is there to help with daily life for easy living at every age.

More reasons to love Rosie+ personal concierge:

  • Acts as your virtual assistant, helping you stay on top of every day life, with appointment booking and schedule reminders
  • Relieves the worry from your family with Rosie+ on hand to help you out
  • A quick way to learn new things from a smart phone or smart TV to a new remote

Promotes good health 

  • Books health appointments
  • Issues timely medication reminders
  • Books tennis courts, Zumba classes or a round of golf

Maintains a pleasant home environment

  • Arrange for the lawns to be mowed
  • Arrange for that dripping tap to be fixed

Keeps you looking stylish and well-groomed 

  • Books haircuts
  • Books other beauty appointments 

Helps you enjoy an active social life

  • Books taxis
  • Books a place on outings or day tours
  • Checks in with you to chat and see how you’re doing
  • Connects you to friends or family.

The Rosie+ personal concierge difference

Rosie+ is a stylish, convenient solution that makes daily life easier and has a ‘wow’ factor about it too. You can use Rosie Personal Concierge similar to how your kids and grandkids are using Google Home’s or smart phones as Rosie+ also has activated voice control.

Best of all, Rosie Personal Concierge helps you get your caring (or nagging) son or daughter off your case. Your Rosie+ assistant will be there to remind you of your daily medication, upcoming appointments and social engagements, meaning you and your family can focus on making memories together. 

Want to maintain complete independence?

Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response System

With age comes a higher chance of living alone and a higher chance of having a fall. Anyone who has fallen and hurt themselves in the past may understandably be anxious about falling again. Worse, it may cause you to retreat from activities you used to enjoy. 

That’s where Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response Service comes in. It’s a 24/7 personal medical alert service that is inbuilt into your Rosie+ device and on-hand if you ever require emergency assistance.

How the Rosie+ emergency response mobile pendant works

  • In an emergency, the Rosie+ mobile pendant:
    • Detects a fall
    • Pinpoints your location
    • Connects you to the Vitalcare emergency network
    • Provides the emergency support you need
    • Lets your family members know what’s happening

The Rosie+ personal emergency response difference

The Rosie mobile pendant:

  • Promotes independence by enabling you to live safely in your own home
  • Is waterproof, so you can wear in the shower or during your aqua aerobics
  • Is shock proof, meaning it won’t break in a fall
  • Has a long battery life, meaning you can rely on it to work when it’s needed
  • Has two-way voice communication, so you can talk directly to the Rosie staff. 

Want the security of 24/7 emergency support?


        You’re packing for a trip and you should be excited but instead you’re worrying about how your mum or dad will manage while you’re gone. They say they’ll be fine but, deep down, you know they need support.

Angela was in a similar situation when she decided to get Rosie+ for her dad, Loucas. The daily check-ins and 24/7 support helped Loucas immensely and gave Angela peace of mind. That practical, emotional and medical support proved vital when Loucas ended up having heart surgery while Angela was overseas…

The Technology Features of Rosie+

  • Two-way voice communication
  • Water proof
  • Long battery life
  • GPS location monitoring
  • Shock protected
  • Fast response 24/7
  • No lock in contract
  • Australian based operations team

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rosie+ cost?

Our system is similar to your mobile phone plan. 

The Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response System costs:

  • $159 to get set up with your own Rosie+ mobile pendant 
  • A monthly fee of $99 that includes renting the Rosie+ mobile pendant and a monitoring fee (including the SIM) and our Rosie+ Personal Concierge Service. 
  • A one-off cost of $199 for the key safe and its installation.

Can we get Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response Service without Rosie+ Personal Concierge?

Yes. If you’re primarily concerned about the risk of a fall, or needing other emergency help, then you can use the Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response Service by itself.

Can we get Rosie+ Personal Concierge without Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response Service?

No. Rosie Personal Concierge is a premium service that builds on Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response.

What equipment does Rosie+ need?

Rosie+ comes with a mobile pendant, which you can wear during the day and charge by your bed at night. We also install a key safe with a secure pin so that emergency services can get into the house to help if needed. Rosie+ is also available through aged care villages across Australia and institutions using the Vitalcare nurse call systems.

Who will I be talking to at Rosie+?

When you press the button on the Rosie+ mobile pendant, you’re connected to the Vitalcare emergency network. Rosie’s trained assistants are all based in Australia. They’ll ask what’s happened and organise the support needed, which can include calling emergency services if necessary.

Where does Rosie+ work?

Anywhere. As long as you’re wearing the pendant Rosie+ will work, whether you’re at home or out and about.

I live in a retirement village. Can I use Rosie+?

Yes. Rosie+ is also available through aged care villages across Australia and institutions using the Vitalcare nurse call systems.

Do I have to replace the batteries?

No. That’s often a fiddly task that some older people find difficult, for example if they have arthritis in their fingers. Rosie+ has an internal rechargeable battery, just like your phone. It fits into a charging cradle by the bed at night, meaning it’s always on hand.

Who created Rosie+?

Rosie+ was designed and created by Vitalcare, an Australian family business dedicated to making life easier and safer for vulnerable people. We’ve become one of the most trusted names in nurse call technology over the last 30 years.

Ready to maintain your freedom with Rosie+?

Enjoy your independence knowing your Rosie+ assistant is on hand at the touch of a button in the event of an emergency, and in everyday life.

To enquire or purchase Rosie+, fill in your details below and one of our friendly Rosie+ team members will be in touch to complete your purchase.

Terms and Conditions

There is no lock-in contract or minimum service period for Rosie+ services. Costs are pro-rata for periods of use. All prices include GST.

Full terms and conditions available Rosie+ Terms and Conditions.

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