A medical alarm with fall detection and GPS locator

Wherever you or your loved one goes, Rosie goes too. Hopefully, it will be another great day. But if anything should go wrong, Rosie brings help with the push of a button.

Rosie is there just in case of an emergency like falling, getting lost or becoming suddenly unwell. It’s a safety net that gives you the confidence to enjoy independence and brings your family peace of mind.

Focus on the moments that matter with Rosie

Join the seniors, families and carers finding peace of mind and security with Rosie Personal Emergency Response Alarm.

Enquire below and our Rosie team will be in touch to connect you to the care alarm service that's by your side anywhere.

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Personal emergency alarms that take on life with you

The 24/7 medical alert pendant for life on the go

Ask us about Rosie

How do Rosie 24/7 Personal Emergency Response Alarms work?

What our Rosie families have to say

You’re packing for a trip and you should be excited but instead you’re worrying about how your mum or dad will manage while you’re gone. They say they’ll be fine but, deep down, you know they need support.

Angela was in a similar situation when she decided to get Rosie+ for her dad, Loucas. The daily check-ins and 24/7 support helped Loucas immensely and gave Angela peace of mind. That practical, emotional and medical support proved vital when Loucas ended up having heart surgery while Angela was overseas…

Learn more about how Rosie helped Loucas

Have questions about Rosie?

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions about Rosie and how we help you live independently every day. 

+ How much does Rosie cost?+ Can we get the Rosie Personal Emergency Response Service without the Rosie+ Personal Concierge?+ Can we get the Rosie Personal Concierge without the Rosie+ Personal Emergency Response Service?+ What equipment does Rosie need?+ Who will I talk to when I call Rosie?+ Where does the Rosie pendant work?+ I live in a retirement village. Can I use Rosie?+ Do I have to replace the batteries?+ Who created Rosie?+ What are the differences between Rosie and Rosie+?

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24/7 Personal Alarm & Emergency Response Service

Rosie is there for every level of care

Independent, portable care is our priority. We understand that your needs are completely unique, so we designed different levels of care to suit you. Looking for additional support, including daily welfare checks and medication reminders? Contact us to discuss Rosie+.

Rosie support when and where you need it

Guaranteed fast response every time

All calls monitored & answered in Australia

24 hour assistance by trained professionals in Australia

Easy to use personal mobile alarm

Fall detector

Built in GPS tracker

Rosie service includes:

Key Safe & Installation

The Extras


No lock in contracts

12 month warranty


Onboarding Fee

Monthly Monitoring Fee



*Includes device rental cost

1300 669 888

Call the Rosie team

Who can benefit from Rosie Personal Alarms?

Aged Care

Disability Care

Chronic Illness Care

A way to maintain independence

The confidence to enjoy an active life

Immediate help in a medical emergency

Help at the press of a button

We locate you anywhere

Determine your support needs

We connect emergency services

The Rosie Difference

Life can change quickly. You slip while walking the dog, your partner tumbles out of their wheelchair, your mum has a medical crisis.

Risk shouldn't stop anyone living life - it's good to be active and engaged. But it's also good to have an emergency plan, just in case something goes wrong.

That’s where Rosie comes in. It’s a 24/7 personal alarm service which brings immediate help in an emergency. Knowing you're safe or that your loved one is protected improves confidence and quality of life.

Detects a fall

Is waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower or during aqua aerobics

Is shockproof, meaning it won't break in a fall

Has a long battery life, meaning you can rely on it to work when it’s needed

Has two-way voice communication

Works Australia-wide, wherever there is mobile service

Rechargable device, simply plug it in next to your bed - no more buying batteries

Peace of mind anywhere

The Rosie features

24/7 monitoring there to help

Pendants contain a GPS tracker that pinpoints your location

We're always here - calls are answered quickly within Australia

Call when help is needed - 24/7 emergency calls monitored by Australian operators

Tell us what's wrong and we'll send the right help

We send the ambulance, police or fire service if they are required

+ What are the Terms and Conditions?

Rosie is Available Through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Vitalcare is a registered NDIS provider of assistive technology. That means NDIS Participants may be able to get Rosie using NDIS funding if assistive technology supports are specified in their NDIS plan.

+ Is Vitalcare a Registered NDIS Provider?+ Can I use NDIS Funding to Get Rosie?Call Us About Rosie+ 1300 669 888